Our Menu

Our menus are seasonal and changes do occur, depending on what items are available (or not available) from local farmers, or what Chef Liz decides to add or modify.  If you have questions about specific items or if you have allergies or other dietary restrictions, please call Liz at 660-837-3324 

With the exception of children under 12 years of age, we do have a one entree minimum for each person with a dinner reservation.  The reason for this is that when we plan for you to dine with us, we prepare the crackers for your salad, your yeast rolls, etc. and make sure we have enough of a variety of entrees to feed everyone who has a reservation.  It takes us all day to do this and, since we are a very small restaurant, we often turn away customers who would have liked to have your spot at a table and would have ordered a full meal.   If you would like to come to Catalpa for just appetizers or dessert, we'd be more than happy to seat you on the patio or the screened porch, weather permitting.  Thank you in advance for understanding this policy.