Private, Personalized Cooking Classes and Dinners in your home! 

Private cooking classes for small groups in your home may be arranged from February-May.  We work together to create a menu that interests you specifically. Class length will vary, as will the ingredient cost, staffing needs and travel time, so the price of the class will be discussed during the planning process.  We will fly across the country if you book the flight and have a guest room or a couch for us to sleep on! All of the recipes we cook together are my original recipes (more than likely created specifically for your class), so you won’t find them in any cookbook. You will not be following recipes, but rather learning "courage through food."  We also focus on basic cooking methods during the course of the class. It is possible to design a series of classes for those wanting more intensive instruction.  You will learn a lot, but we will have FUN in the process!  Also from February-May, we will come to your home to cater your small dinner party (up to 12 people).  We bring the food, wine and kitchen and service staff with us, so there is nothing for you to do except to enjoy your own party!  Contact us for more information and scheduling.